Cobden Stitch-It Quilts ‘n’ Craft

Stitch-It Quilts ‘N’ Crafts is located in Cobden, Victoria 2 ½ hours west of Melbourne, Australia and 40 minutes from the Great Ocean Road.

Originally opening in a small shop in 2005, the owner Vicki then purchased an old Butcher’s Shop across the street and renovated it to become the Quilt Shop in 2007.

To complement the fabric and notions available she then purchased a Gamill Statler Stitcher Quilting machine in 2008, specializing in edge to edge designs.

In July 2010 she welcomed Helen of Cobden Sewing Machines with a Pfaff dealership to share the premises.  Helen offers Sales & service to all Pfaff machines and overlockers, as well as servicing to other brands of machines.


And now Vicki has started the next phase of her business, with a new web site.  Please visit and join her mailing list, so you can be kept up to date with all the news!


Christine Abela, Gecko Gully web sites

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I love hearing from customers

The other day I received a surprise photo, and email message, from a long term customer. It was such a lovely message, and it was obvious that Juliet was  so excited that I asked for her permission to share her thoughts here.

Firstly look at the beautiful quilt that she has just finished.

Juliet's star quilt was pieced and quilted entirely, and only, with Aurifil thread

She said that although she had been a customer for many years, this was the first time that she had stitched, pieced & quilted, an entire quilt with Aurifil’s Cotton Mako’.  In the past she would usually find that she needed a colour that she didn’t have in her Aurifil collection, so would have to resort to using a different brand.

However she solved this colour matching problem recently, by purchasing a colour chart,  so she can now order exactly what she needs for a particular project.  I loved her comment:

“Gosh darn it, if I’d known how easy it would be, I’d have bought one (a thread wrapped colour chart) years ago!”

You can read her full message about this gorgeous quilt on our shop blog.

The colour chart that Juliet purchased was for the Cotton Mako’ thread, and we also have colour charts for the Aurifil Lana, Brillo & Aurilux threads.

You can get your own colour chart from our online store.

The first 6 columns in the thread wrapped colour chart

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The Fabric Parcel

Amanda Sloan runs a quilt shop in the popular seaside town of Wynyard in Tasmania, called The Fabric Parcel.

We have just wrapped up building a new web site for her, and I am writing to present it to you.

She can package up a wonderful array of fabrics for you, as well as templates, threads, and a whole range of other goodies.

If you’re not tied up, please visit her pretty new site at .  You’ll be wrapt you did.


Christine Abela

Gecko Gully web sites


PS That’s a wrap.

PPS Sorry.

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By Joy It’s Quilted

Joy Friedberger owns and operates a professional longarm quilting business in the small country town of Cohuna, in Victoria Australia.

She is very passionate about quilting and very proud of the standard of machine quilting that she offers.

Together, we have set up a very pretty new web site at, so you can find out all about her services.

This is one of my “Express” web sites, in which Joy had full control of the design of the site, and I think you will agree she did a lovely job. OK, I helped her a bit, but it was all done with the built-in utilities so she has access to change the look whenever she wants to.

If you would like to now more about how you can get an Express web site for your business, and have it up and running without needing to go on my waiting list, please visit .

But first, make sure you visit Joy at and join her mailing list, so she can keep you up to date with all her news!

Christine Abela
Gecko Gully web sites

PS – See the nice fonts Joy used in the main body of her site? That feature is now available on all my new web sites – you can choose from a huge range of fonts. What font would you like for your Gecko Gully web site?

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Geelong Patchwork and Quilters’ Guild Inc

The Geelong Patchwork and Quilters’ Guild Inc, from Victoria in Australia, is a vibrant, active group of quilters.

With the parent Guild, and 11 affiliated area groups, they certainly have a lot on!

If you are in that part of the world, and are looking for friendship or guidance with your quilting, they have lots of activities, events and meetings that will keep you out of trouble (or maybe get you in more trouble!).

I invite you to visit their new web site at for more information.

Christine Abela
Gecko Gully Web Sites

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International Fabric Creations

Leesa Lewis has been a quilter for over 40 years.  She has travelled the world, and knows good fabric when she sees it.  And she has found some lovely fabric that she is now able to provide for quilters and sewers worldwide.

Leesa’s new business, International Fabric Creations, is based in Australia,but Leesa has spent several months recently sourcing some wonderful fabrics and other products from all over the globe.  She can provide fabrics in any quantity, from small pieces for individuals making a quilt, right up to large quantities for those manufacturing clothing or other fine-quality fabric goods.

All are available online at Leesa’s new web site

One very special product that will excite quilters is what she calls Quilters Dream Fabric No. 3.  This is a 58″ wide, 100% cotton fabric that is solid in colour.  But what makes it special is that not only is it an excellent quality (at least as good as the best brand-name solids, and much better than the Homespun/Calico type fabrics that are commonly available), but it also comes in a mind-blowing range of colours.  In fact, ANY of the Pantone range of colours is available, as they are dyed to order.

There are also two other Quilters Dream Fabrics, which are finer in quality – great for appliqué.

Another special fabric that quilters and embroiders will love is the Organdy.  This is great for shadow work, as it gives a lovely soft glow when brighter colours are laid underneath.

Even wider fabric (110″) is also available for backing quilts.  This is in plain white, and is very suitable for dying yourself.  And the very reasonable price per metre makes it worth considering if you are dying fabrics to sell as part of you own business.

With fabrics ranging in weight from organdy to drill, as well as some beautiful ready-made products like caftans and hand bags, International Fabric Creations is certainly off to a good start.  I encourage you to join the mailing list to be kept up-to-date with all the latest products as they become available.

Christine Abela
Gecko Gully Web Sites

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Mulberry Lane Quilting and Crafts

Geoff and Bev Coates run a lovely business called Mulberry Lane Quilting and Crafts, in Lockwood South (Victoria, Australia).

I have just finished building a pretty new web site for them at .

They have a huge range of products available, from books, fabric and notions through to kits and some truly lovely button packs.

Not only do they have this amazing range of products, they also do long-arm machine quilting, so you have a real “one stop shop” from start to finish for your quilt.

I invite you to join the mailing list, and enjoy your visit to .


Christine Abela
Craft Search Engine:
Gecko Gully Web Sites:

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Primitive Willow Crafts and Gifts

Lee-anne Cleary runs a lovely crafts and gifts shop in Dubbo, NSW, Australia.  She has a wonderful range of products, and now has a pretty new web site too.

At you will find a large range of fabrics, patterns, books and other yummy goodies for keen crafters. Check out the neat embellishment packs for crazy quilters!

Lee-anne still has lots more products to put on the web site, so I invite you to join her mailing list so she can keep in touch.

I hope you enjoy .


Christine Abela
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Patchwork On Pallas

Leanne and her staff at Patchwork on Pallas in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, are happy to announce that they have a brand new web site at .

Leanne has a wide range of products for quilters, from machines (Bernina, Brother, Handi Quilter, Husqvarna, Viking, Janome, Pfaff and Singer) through  to fabrics, patterns and books.  She also has professionally-embroidered workwear for businesses to use to promote their brand, as well as a lovely range of gifts.

And classes!  There is a wide range of classes and events listed on the new web site for you to enjoy.

Please come and see Leanne’s new web site at .  While you are there, you might like to join her mailing list, or to click Like on her Facebook page link.


Christine Abela
Gecko Gully Web Sites
Craft search engine:

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House of Quilts

Greg Camden runs a longarm quilting business from his home in Redcliffe, Western Australia.

His business, House of Quilts, also stocks a wide range of some really really nice threads – Bottom Line, King Tut and So Fine.  I have just finished helping him build an Express web site to sell these, at

And if that doesn’t keep him busy enough, Greg also runs quilting retreats in Bali!  He is involved with helping an orphanage there, and the resort nearby looks simply beautiful.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the House of Quilts.

Christine Abela

Gecko Gully web sites

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